September 28, 2015 The Man Behind the Brush FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE City of Industry, CA (September 28, 2015) – Staying true to one's roots has become the ultimate challenge in this modern, highly connected world. This difficulty rings especially true for companies. It often times seems easier to follow fads and trends rather than stick to its heritage, but as we all know, the easy path does not always equate to the right decision, which is why sticking to age-old practices remains at the center of all aspects of Apocalypto Tequila. It is crafted without compromise and is proof that boldness and customs can produce a world-class sipping tequila. As anyone with any marketing or retail experience can attest to, without branding, it makes little difference how good the product is; no one will pick it up off the shelf to try it. So turning to the companies core mission, Apocalypto sought out a Latino artist that could convey the tradition behind the tequila. It found its answer in Gabriel Frias. Frias knew he wanted to become an artist since the third grade. Following that dream, he began an airbrushing business at the age of 15, which eventually led to the successful apparel company Deep Blue Graphix. His art focuses around Mexican heritage, often featuring historic figures from the country's past with a mystical quality to every piece. His aesthetic and concentration on Chicano culture make him a perfect match for Apocalypto, a Mexican spirit with a Mayan soul. The artwork—which began as an airbrushed work, digitized for the brand's use—that he created mirrors the intriguing half-man, half-beast decanter that the spirit sits in. A statement of power and prowess, this ancient representation of the Jaguar King is said to evoke the urge to stand your ground and be legendary. Without a doubt, both the bottle and the marketing materials pay homage to the rich history of the Mexican lands. Instantly beautifying whatever shelf it rests upon, Apocalypto complements traditional art and evolving culture, while staying true to the excellence of master distilling. The agaves mature for an average of 15 years—far longer than the industry standard—until they reach a sugar content of over 27%—when harvested, they trim the piña close to the heart, which reduces any waxy texture or taste. These piñas slow roast in brick ovens and ferment in a process up to five times longer than other tequilas on the market. The spirit is then filtered three times and evolves into the Apocalypto Tequila portfolio, which includes a Reposado, aged in American oak barrels for eight months and the newly launched unaged Blanco and Añejo, which is rested for 12 months. Tequila's roots run deep in Mexico in more ways than one, and the collaboration between Apocalypto Tequila and Gabriel Frias proves the importance of and beauty in returning to that heritage through the use of both bottle and brush. February 6, 2013 Apocalypto Tequila on Pretty Little Liars On Feb 5th, 2013, Apocalypto got it’s debut on season 3, episode 18 of the hit television series, Pretty Little Liars. Did you see it?


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